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Guidance Plan
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Monday, October 31, 2016



















Counselor Supervisor:                                                Sara Brewer

Oxford Elementary Principal:                           Deborah Nelson

Oxford Elementary Assistant Principal: Krystal Landers

Oxford Elementary Assistant Principal: Darryl Spradley

Oxford Elementary Guidance Counselor:       April Livingston





Principal:                      Deborah Nelson

Counselor:                    April Livingston

Teachers:                      Jeanne Pilkington

                                      Abbey Hanner

Parents:                        Jessica Beard

                                      Nicole Grizzard







Oxford Elementary

Guidance Philosophy


The central mission of Oxford City Schools is to develop in all students attitudes conducive to the belief in learning as a lifelong process. The schools believe that students must be aware that they are an integral part of the culture into which they were born. For this reason, the staff has the responsibility of inspiring all students toward maximum achievement of their potential abilities and of providing an educational program which meets their individual needs. In addition, it is the belief of Oxford City Schools that the faculty should strive to engender in all students the sincere desire to develop efficient work habits, goals, and organizational skills which will serve them throughout life. Also, the faculty perceives an appreciation of esthetic values as important in the development of a complete person. The faculty maintains that the instilling of a desire for knowledge, as well as sound moral and social principals, should be a responsibility shared by the school, the home, the church, and other community organizations.

The school concludes that knowledge of the fundamental skills of vocational careers, reading, writing, mathematics, and independent thinking are necessary tools for the challenges of today. The students should realize that communicative skills are necessary for successful relationships with adults and peers. All teaching should be directed toward the attainment of fundamental goals; these goals should be based on a thorough knowledge of the aspirations and objectives of the students, their parents, and the community.

Teaching methods should allow for immediate achievement, as well as for future accomplishments and rewards. Competent teachers should have access to good teaching materials and devices that enhance the educational program. There should be total cooperation throughout the school structure, including administration, faculty, and staff.

The school has the responsibility of teaching the concepts of American democracy; therefore, students should have the right and responsibility of expressing their views and making their contributions to self-government. However, the students should be encouraged to respect the rights of all forms of life and to abide by the regulations of the school and of the society.


Program Goals for Students


Program Goals are based on the ASCA National Standards for Students and also on the Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model for Alabama Public Schools. Three domains will be addressed throughout each school year with each grade: Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal/Social Development. The competencies addressed each year are as follows:

Academic Development Domain:

Standard A: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the life span.

Competency A: A1- Improve Academic Self-Concept

Competency A: A2- Acquire Skills for Improving Learning

Competency A: A3- Achieve School Success


Standard B: Students will complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of substantial postsecondary options including college.

Competency A: B1- Improve Learning

Competency A: B2- Plan to Achieve Goals


Standard C: Students will understand the relationship of academics to the world of work and to life at home and in the community.

Competency A: C1- Relate School to Life Experience


Career Development Domain:

Standard A: Students will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.

Competency C: A1- Develop Career Awareness

Competency C: A2- Develop Employment Readiness


Standard B: Students will employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction.

Competency C: B1- Acquire Career Information

Competency C: B2- Identify Career Goals


Standard C: Students will understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training and the world of work.

Competency C: C1- Acquire Knowledge to Achieve Career Goals

Competency C: C2- Apply Skills to Achieve Career Goals


Personal/ Social Development Domain:

Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Competency PS: A1- Acquire Self-Knowledge

Competency PS: A2- Acquire Interpersonal Skills


Standard B: Students will make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achieve goals.

Competency PS: B1- Self-Knowledge Application


Standard C: Students will understand safety and survival skills.

Competency PS: C1- Acquire Personal Safety Skills



·       All students will receive one classroom guidance lesson each month in the guidance classroom.

·       An additional classroom guidance lesson will be available for viewing each month via I movie.

·       Small group guidance will be offered to each grade level once a month.

·       Other small groups will be available throughout the month as necessary.

·       Individual counseling sessions will be available and conducted daily as necessary.

·       All students at Oxford Elementary School will meet with a counselor at least once a year for an individual meeting.

·       A monthly guidance newsletter will be sent home that will feature the topics covered that month as well as helpful information to parents.

Additional Guidance Activities:

·         Red Ribbon Week

·         Kids of Character luncheons

·         Character Ed for Morning Announcements

·         OES Tutoring Program

·         Blessings in a Backpack

·         Testing Pep Rally/ Testing Buddies for High Stakes Testing

·         Behavior Reflections (students with behavior office referrals)

·         Transition lunches with 4th grade students

·         Boy’s Night Out/Girl’s Night Out (4th grade)



Counselor Responsibilities:


·        Participate on the following committees: Assessment Team, Awards Day, PST, CIP.

·        Participate in monthly grade level data meetings.

·        Assist with school orientation, Data and Doughnuts, Open House.

·        504 plans

·        Social Security Determination records

·        Assist Families under McKinney-Vento.

·        Attend Professional Development and Counselor Workshops.

·        Assist with special education placement.

·        Consult with principal and faculty on school guidance activities.

·        Maintain supervision of cumulative

·        Make appropriate referrals to other individuals and/or agencies.

·        Plan and conduct individual, small group, and large group guidance sessions.

·        Evaluate the effectiveness of the guidance and counseling program.

·        Share information and resources with teachers, principals, and parents concerning the educational development of all students.

·        Evaluate students for educational program revisions and/or changes when needed.

·        Complete ELL Referrals.






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