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Oxford Elementary School Book Fair
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 04, 2018


  The Oxford Elementary School Book Fair will begin next week, September 10-14.  Your students will be allowed to shop during the week and also with his/her guests for lunch on the assigned day.  The book fair will be open all week and closing at approximately 1:30pm on Friday.  

  This year you will have several options for purchasing books from the book fair: 

1.   Give students money in a sealed envelope and allow him/her to shop the book fair during the week on his/her own.  If you choose this option please make sure that the envelope is sealed and the amount of money included in the envelope, student’s name, and teacher’s name is included on the envelope.  

2.  Allow students to shop at the book fair with his/her guest(s) after finishing lunch on your assigned grandparents lunch day.

3.  Shop online from the comfort of home and the books will be delivered to the student at school.  (Website below)

4.  Choose the “e-wallet” option from the online book fair web site.  

When you create an eWallet, the amount you select as your student's spending limit will appear as a temporary hold (or pending charge) on your credit card and will be reflected in your available balance. You will only be charged for what is purchased. After the book fair ends, the hold will expire and the funds will be released back to your credit card.

Additional funds can be added to the eWallet at any time. You can also cancel funds, track spending, and see all activity in your order history through your My Scholastic account.

Student eWallets are looked up at the book fair using the student's name, grade, or teacher. eWallets do not have to be printed or presented to a cashier.


All of these options will be available at your Oxford Elementary Scholastic Book Fair.  Please access the Oxford Elementary School Online Scholastic Book Fair by going to the following website:


See you at the Book Fair!

Natalie Wilson

Oxford Elementary School

Media Specialist

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