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Welcome to O.E.S. Physical Education!

Our department consist of three certified Physical Education teachers Mrs. Cristy Clements, Mr. Tony Maniscalco, and Mrs. Molly Martin.  We are very excited about teaching your child how to move efficiently and safely.  Throughout the school year we plan to expose your child to a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities.  It is our mission to help each child discover physical activities that they enjoy participation in while they are at school and home.  Our overall goal is that your child will develop a love for movement that continues throughout his/her lifetime.

One of the most important components of a quality physical education experience is developing a positive learning environment.  Physical education rules help to create this type of environment by ensuring that physical education classes run smoothly, student disruptions are minimized and student learning is maximized.  Below are our physical education rules that will be followed in physical education class.  Please become familiar with these and discuss with your child.

1.  Have permission to speak.

2.  Stay on task.

3.  Follow coaches instructions.

4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5.  Move safely.